Welcome to Pretty Much Distressed, where vintage meets handcrafted. We are a husband and wife team who  handcraft unique home furnishings and décor from reclaimed materials in a rustic, farmhouse style. Our  passion is giving new life to antique and salvaged goods through the art of upcycling.  

At Pretty Much Distressed, we offer one-of-a-kind pieces that bring character and craftsmanship back to your  living space. We source vintage and antique furniture, architectural salvage, and other reclaimed  materials which we then refinish, repurpose, and reimagine into custom furnishings and accents for your  home. Each item is handmade with care and attention to detail, ensuring high quality and style.  

If you appreciate vintage charm and want home décor with a story, you've come to the right place. Our  handcrafted signs, pillows, tables, cabinets and more are inspired by cozy rural farmhouses, meandering  country lanes, and simpler times. We do the hunting and reclaiming for you, turning forgotten relics into  stylish statements that warm your space with rustic beauty. 

Beyond products, we also offer workshops, design services, and DIY kits for those looking to tap into  their own inner artisan. Our goal is to nurture community and connection through rediscovering  appreciation for history, craftsmanship, and sustainable living.  

At Pretty Much Distressed, we believe that the sustainable choices we make today allow for hope and beauty  tomorrow. By honoring the past through upcycling, we are able to shape with our hands a future in  which less is waste and more is cherished. Our business is founded upon this vision.  

We invite you to explore the unique treasures we have curated for you and cannot wait to make  Pretty Much Distressed] the destination for farmhouse style in the area. Feel free to drop us a line  anytime with questions or just to chat about our next antiques hunting adventure!