The Kitty Kats


"Introducing our adorable wooden cat shelf sitters, the purrfect addition to any home! Made from reclaimed wood, these cute cats come in sets of three and are available in two different styles - black and a limited edition pink version, aptly named the "Pink Ladies." Each cat is carefully crafted to capture their unique personality, with intricate details and a playful stance that will make you smile. They're not just cute - they're also eco-friendly, made from sustainable materials that would otherwise go to waste. The cats are approximately 10, 8, and 4 to 6 inches high, depending on the wood we have available. We love to use every bit of our materials, and this product is the perfect way to recycle our wood scraps. These shelf sitters are perfect for any cat lover, and they make a great addition to your home decor, whether it's for the fall season, Halloween, or just because. They're also a thoughtful gift for friends and family who adore cats. Each set of three cats is priced at just $12, making them an affordable way to add some fun and personality to your home. And, with our eco-friendly approach, you can feel good about bringing these cute cats into your home. Don't miss out on these adorable wooden cat shelf sitters - order your set today and get ready to enjoy their playful presence in your home!"